Suunainfo OÜ launched activity in 2003 and has honed its skills to excellence in three primary areas.
Starting from January 2016, the company's business name is COMDECOR OÜ.

Illuminated advertisements (signage). We produce LED advertisements (channel letters and light boxes), neon texts, fluorescent light illuminated advertisements for indoor and outdoor use. Our selection includes channel letters, light boxes, light pillars, illuminated banner enclosures and other structures for illuminated signage. We repair and service illuminated advertisements produced by us and others.

Decals and adhesive advertisements. We have considerable experience in producing and installing large-scale adhesive advertisements.
A noteworthy share of the advertisements on Tallinn public transport are made by us. We also make decals for cars, showcase windows and walls of buildings – practically every conceivable surface. We also make signs and support structures for signs.

Mobile display systems. We sell a large selection of roll-up, pop-up, truss and other mobile display systems on the website

We are always prepared to manufacture special indoor and outdoor solutions, whether the theme is point of sales, trade fairs or leased advertising space.


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Sign of Cristella


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