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Decals for cars

An advertisement for a vehicle is an extremely effective marketing channel considering the audience size and price of reaching the audience. Advertising decals last for years on the body of a vehicle and each time the car is driven through town, it picks up thousands of potential contacts. Plus it’s free of advertising tax and no expenses on leasing space!

Just take into account that the design of the car ad should catch the eye and be as concise as possible. What we can do to help the design process along is to provide vector drawings of all of the cars, vans, trucks and buses used in Europe.

We manufacture and install:
- car ads cut out of adhesive film
- photoprinted ad decals for cars
- full-body car decals

adhesive advertisement » Full wrapping of cars for MiniMoi
adhesive advertisement » Advertising cars for Starman Cable TV
adhesive advertisement » Printed car advertisement for Fazer Catering

Decals for public transport

An adhesive advertisement on public transport is an advertising channel with a huge potential audience. The fact hat trams, trolleybuses and buses are always moving ensures visibility throughout the route, and as the conveyance approaches the stop, it will be at the centre of attention for passengers. A tram, trolleybus or bus will also receive heightened attention from car drivers. Nor should the impact of moving outdoor ads on pedestrians be underestimated – it is far more effective than a motionless ad.

public transport AD » Bus advertisements for Saku
public transport AD » Tram advertisement for Skype
public transport AD » Tram advertisements for European Comission

A noteworthy share of the advertisements on Tallinn public transport are made by us.

Decals for buildings

Company location signage along major thoroughfares should be large and visible from far away. The decal-covered wall of a building in a technology park or along a road is a successful choice for marking a building as well as promoting a logo. This kind of ad will be effective for many long years without advertising tax expenses.

adhesive advertisement » Wall lettering for Pipelife
We are the manufacturer of what it is claimed to be the largest decal advertisement in Estonia – the PipeLife logo on the wall of the manufacturing building located in Jüri (see image).

In addition to outdoor walls and windows, we also make decals for indoor use and showcases. We make building maps and other signage for use inside buildings.

Other adhesive advertisements

To sum up, we can produce a decal practically every conceivable surface. It could be a skateboarding ramp, showcase window, signs within a building or something completely different…

adhesive advertisement » Lettering of Red Bull ramp

Pictured: Simpel Session skating ramp


portfolio » adhesive advertisement » Car advertisements for Primulator
Car advertisements for Primulator


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