Illuminated signs

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Illuminated signs

We manufacture illuminated signs – channel letters, light boxes, with different light sources, illuminated banner enclosures, illuminated pylons, etc.

We install illuminated signs (light boxes, channel letters) in indoor areas, on building walls (including glass surfaces) roof, and more.

Refurbishment and repair of neon text and LED letters. We replace dim and burned-out light sources and perform minor repairs to the housing of illuminated signage.

Converting neon text to LED letters – whether to save on electricity or because the old illuminated sign is wearing out.

illuminated signs » Illuminated advertisement for Laagri Business House
illuminated signs » Illuminated lettering for Arens
illuminated signs » Illuminated signs for stokker

Illuminated pylons

We make advertising pylons for outdoor uses, illumninated from either the inside or outside.

illuminated signs » Illuminated advertisement for Addinol


portfolio » adhesive advertisement » Truck letterings for K-Rautakesko
Truck letterings for K-Rautakesko


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