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LED-based channel letters

Suunainfo specializes in making LED based illuminated signs in custom shapes and sizes (light boxes, channel letters, etc).

Letters made from high-quality LEDs (light emitting diodes) exceeds neon text in terms of light capacity, sharpness and uniformity of light. Nor do LEDs become dimmer in cold weather.

LED advertising uses eight times less power than neon text, and the lifespan of the light sources ensures a maintenance schedule that is many times less frequent. In the case of larger illuminated signs, it is a good investment to convert working neon advertisements to LED letters.

In addition, a much longer warranty can be offered on LED-based illuminated signs.
We manufacture the following:
- aluminium, channel letters – face lit (minimum thickness 5 cm)
- aluminium reverse channel letters – halo lit
- front-lit and side-lit modular letters
- vacuum formed custom illuminated signs

We also maintain and refurbish illuminated advertisements, both our own and those made by others.

illuminated signs » Illuminated signs for Automaailm
illuminated signs » LED illuminated channel letters for PÖFF
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Illuminated advertisement Green Trail


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