Illuminated signs

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Light boxes

We make LED module and fluorescent light-based light boxes, either face lit or both face and halo lit (a light halo forms on the wall) depending on the customer’s preference.

The front panel of the light box may be:
- plastic panel with cut or printed decals
- light fabric on larger light boxes
- precision-machined metal (e.g. painted aluminium, stainless steel) image on a plastic background
- plastic image sunken into laser-cut metal plate

illuminated signs » Light boxes for Pepe Jeans shops
illuminated signs » Light Box Nikon
illuminated signs » Light boxes for Tallinn Airport

Besides stationary light boxes, we also make portable light boxes with changeable graphics intended for indoor use, window or wall.

illuminated signs » Light boxes Nikolay bar-buffee
illuminated signs » Light boxes for ERGO Insurance and Unicredit bank
illuminated signs » Light boxes for Kalev Spa

And textile light boxes with changeable textile graphics intended for indoor use, window or wall.

illuminated signs » Textil light box for Norwegian customer
illuminated signs » Textile light boxes for Tallinn Airport
illuminated signs » Standing textil light box

Light boards

We produce LED light boards for indoor use. Illumination is induced by milled contour. Effects could be added with colored or printed vinyls. Fits well to display windows, POS branding, receptions etc.

illuminated signs » Illuminated signs for Monroe and Walker
illuminated signs » Lit sign panel for TV show Unistuste Agentuur
illuminated signs » Light board for Suunainfo


portfolio » illuminated signs » Illuminated signage KlubiTeater
Illuminated signage KlubiTeater


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