Signs and signposts


Signs, signposts and advertising signboards

We produce signs, signposts and advertising signboards for indoor and outdoor use.  As a new product we now offer NeoxLed profile luminous signboards (for indoor conditions).

signs and milled advertisements » LED sign for Amica
signs and milled advertisements » Illuminated doorsign for Suunainfo
signs and milled advertisements » Signpost for Maxima

Molded letters (volumetric letters)

Volumetric shapes and letters are frequently used on building facades, in entrance halls and reception rooms. Volumetric letters are mainly molded or cut, using laser technology or abrasive waterjet cutting.  Acrylic glass, various plastic materials and metals can be used.  We manufacture and install molded letters for interior use, building facades, etc.

signs and milled advertisements » Dimensional lettering of Unicredit
signs and milled advertisements » Outdoor advertisement for Estonian History Museum
signs and milled advertisements » Milled logo of Tehnopol

Banner frames and other advertising structures

We provide a variety of metalwork advertising structures for outdoor use, such as banner frames, advertising signboard frames, Pylon-type signposts or informative signs. Based on your needs, we can offer different ways of mounting advertising graphics. Light sources available include LED projectors, fluorescent projectors and halogen projectors.

signs and milled advertisements » Banner frame for DNB Nord
signs and milled advertisements » Illuminated banner frame for Addinol

Showcases and display windows

We produce cut letters and/or printed adhesive film advertisements or design elements for display windows, showcases, entrance halls and building facades.

adhesive advertisement » Window advertisement of Autoekspert

Directional signs

We provide illuminated and non-illuminated directional signs and other internal communication elements, using standard profiles or developing special solutions.


portfolio » illuminated signs » Illuminated signs for Kodustudio
Illuminated signs for Kodustudio


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